Importance of JIT Lockers for contactless delivery during the covid-19 era

As the present world must cope with the challenges of covid-19, a touch-free product delivery system has become crucial. JIT Lockers are a solution to this problem. It is the answer for online resellers, apartment complex owners, retail store managers, and shopping centers. Protecting the health of their customers, clients, and employees During covid-19, door to door delivery is rife with hazards. JIT Lockers eliminate the potential of infection through person-to-person contact. It has created a new method of delivering goods, products, or parcels to the final mile consumers.

JIT Lockers offer different industries to utilize contactless and efficient parcel delivery process. Some of the benefitted industries are as such:

Universities, schools, and colleges can maintain a safe, effective, and affordable solution for their students to manage meals and dining services. It also offers an intelligent solution for students to pick up textbooks and receive parcels from home or outside retailers. Students can be automatically alerted that they have a package. It minimizes the need for students to wait in a long line to pick their parcels. Students can order their required books; bookstores place the order in the smart locker; students then retrieve them at their convenience. This process will result in a radical reduction of foot traffic in the organizations’ stores.

The food or service industry will also benefit from JIT Lockers. One of the many challenges for the food industry is to maintain social distancing. JIT Lockers enable the food industry by providing a useful, secure, and touch-free option for their pick-up orders. By setting up JIT Lockers, grocery stores can make a space for customers to pick up orders at peak freshness and remaining socially distant.

Retailers and strip-mall developers are greatly affected by covid-19. Many have lost large customer base sectors because customers refuse to collect their products and parcels by following the traditional process. They no longer want to walk into the shop, stand in line, and interact with customer service to take their orders. JIT Lockers make this process amazingly easy and contactless. Retailers place their customers’ orders into the JIT Lockers to pick up at their convenience. When their order is ready, they get alerted by text, email, or mobile app. They can access their order by opening the locker using their mobile phone.

Smart, contactless lockers can bring a revolutionary and healthy change in the online business sector. Market place resellers, like those on Craigslist, currently deliver their products using person-to-person contact. This delivery generally happens in non secure and often dark parking lots. But since covid-19, their actions are greatly affected. Customers are not willing to take products because of safety issues. Online resellers can use JIT Lockers without any hesitation. Delivering products in this contactless way can create confidence with their current customers and attract new health and safety-conscious customers. Customers can receive the goods at their convenience. Using such a novel and innovative delivery system will help them to grow their business during this pandemic.

After the above discussion, we can understand the importance of JIT Lockers. JIT Lockers can be safe, secure, and efficient. The utilization of these lockers facilitates the promotion of healthy social distancing during this pandemic. If businesses are willing to use them proactively, JIT Lockers can be the best solution for them. The lockers save business owners labor costs and customer’s time. Merchants will become more efficient in the marketplace, gaining that competitive advantage. Using Smart Locker technology, a business can increase its market share, a considerable part of the potential, and keep their current customers. Utilization of these JIT Lockers will also help early adopters of this technology become the leading company in their marketplace.

With the increase in package deliveries comes an increase in package theft incidences. While deterring package theft, J.I.T. Concierge provides an on-demand delivery convenience and secures packages until it is convenient to pick up.

Build in-camera capture each delivery. Barcode capture enables rapid package delivery, ensuring packages of any size are delivered safely and securely.

J.I.T. indoor and outdoor lockers accept deliveries from all couriers, ensuring 100% deliverability. Multi-sized lockers fit many size packages. Consumers’ ability to manage deliveries with the J.I.T. Concierge mobile app allows for contact-free package pick-up.

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