With so many retail stores and chains embracing hybrid sales, it’s more important than ever to make the online purchase-to-physical-pickup process as smooth as possible. JitLocker Retail Smart Lockers give your retail store unprecedented flexibility, allowing your customers to pick up their purchases on their schedule – even after hours! Using our sleek, professional locker system builds in security, brand trust, and helps you save on staffing budget by fully automating your package pickup desk. This benefit can even be proactively advertised to customers that are “on the fence” about purchasing, helping you maximize sales.

Products are kept securely enclosed in individual JitLockers that only your store or the intended customer(s) can open, eliminating mix-ups, theft, and lost items.
A fully-automated approach that allows you to “translate” the ease of online shopping to your physical storefront.
Reduce or eliminate local “where’s my package?” questions and concerns: customers don’t need to wait on third-party delivery services to receive their goods.