Locker Rentals

Construction Site Locker Rentals

A job site is constantly in flux – new people, new foot traffic, new access points or obstacles appearing regularly. Throughout all that, you need to know that your equipment is not only easily accessible, but safe and secure as well. JitLocker Construction Site Locker Rentals give you quick, easy, and secure single-point access for everything from your contractors’ personal belongings to site materials and specialized tools. Our locker build keeps water, debris, and dust away from potentially breakable electronics like multimeters or specialty equipment used in construction.

Our construction rental lockers allow you to protect virtually any locker-sized asset from the elements to safeguard against wear, tear, and breakage.
Prevent loss from unnecessary transportation of materials or tools; everything remains on-site, no matter what stage your build is in.
Deter opportunity theft that arises from storing expensive power tools, chargers, wire, and more out in the open on a work site or in a vehicle.
Full metal locker framing allows for the addition of your own exterior magnetic signs for identification and marketing.