West Orange Entrepreneur Launches 24-Hour Locker Business

A West Orange entrepreneur says he has a way for local residents to safely pick up packages: 24-hour “smart lockers.”

WEST ORANGE, NJ — A West Orange entrepreneur says he has a way for local residents to safely pick up packages from Amazon, Craigslist, eBay and other online retailers: 24-hour “smart lockers.”

Recently, Ronald Raymond and his business partner, Jason Robinson of Wayne, launched their company, Just In Time (JIT) Concierge, which provides communities with “weather-proof, strong, versatile and sanitary lockers” where they can pick up packages, thwarting would-be thieves.

The lockers – which come equipped with security cameras – also offer a way for people to practice social distancing, Raymond claims.

Here’s how it works, the pair say:

The person selling an item or placing one in a locker for another to pick up provides a one-time use code to the receiver, who uses it to enter a locker and remove their item. The seller knows when the item has been accessed. The lock is then reset after it is opened. Users have 24-hour access to their products, real-time reporting and documentation on pick-ups. They can be accessed via the website or app.

JIT currently has lockers in West Orange at 13 Northfield Avenue. The company is seeking to open more locations in town, and to expand to Livingston, Millburn/Short Hills, South Orange, the Caldwell’s and East Hanover.

“Our mission at J.I.T. Concierge is simple – provide safe, secure and convenient locations to deposit and retrieve your items,” said Robinson, a member of the Downtown West Orange Alliance Board of Trustees and founder of Three Fifths Foundation, a nonprofit foundation providing African American students opportunities to obtain careers in law and law enforcement.

For information on using lockers as a client or placing lockers, call 1-833-377-3674, visit www.jitconcierge.com or send an email to [email protected].

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