Can Smart Lockers be Good for Your Health?

In this age of globalization, the modern world is rapidly changing. E-commerce forces these changes more and more. Online resellers, apartment complex owners, retail store managers, and strip-mall developers update their business activities with the new way of e-commerce. During covid-19, they are all searching for the safest medium to deliver their goods to their […]

What is a JITLocker, and how does it work?

JIT Lockers use smart technology with an integrated computer and sensor system to monitor them. JIT Lockers use secure storage and distribution system with a strong computer and sensor network built-in. They can detect those products available for signing-out, products in need of repair, and alert irregularities in sign-out patterns. A standard storage locker can […]

Importance of JIT Lockers for contactless delivery during the covid-19 era

As the present world must cope with the challenges of covid-19, a touch-free product delivery system has become crucial. JIT Lockers are a solution to this problem. It is the answer for online resellers, apartment complex owners, retail store managers, and shopping centers. Protecting the health of their customers, clients, and employees During covid-19, door […]